What is LinguaLearner?

LinguaLearner offers engaging Spanish/English preschool lessons for your 3–5-year-old!


As moms and educators/researchers in the areas of bilingualism and biliteracy, we cared deeply about our children developing a second language and knew that the optimal time for language learning is in the early years. We found that quality bilingual early child education programs were either too far away or too expensive. We also struggled to find resources and curricula that were research-based as well as easy and affordable to use at home with our children.

We knew that we were probably not alone and that there must be other parents and caregivers out there who believe that a second language is one of the most beneficial gifts you can give a child, but who simply don’t know where to start. LinguaLearner takes all the stress of planning away for parents/caregivers!


We have two subscription options:

Basic membership ($9.95/month): When you subscribe, each month we provide you with 4 or 5 (depending on how many full weeks that month) easy-to-follow bilingual lessons related to a monthly theme. You will be given a list of simple monthly materials to purchase on your own. All you have to do is download the lesson plans, print the handouts, and start learning with your child! You also get access to a LIVE monthly Zoom call with us where we answer your questions and offer tips on how to raise bilingual children!

Premium membership ($49.95/month): When you subscribe, your preschooler can participate in one LIVE online group class (45 minutes) with a native Spanish teacher each week, and you get access to the lesson plans and handouts for each lesson! **We kindly ask that one parent/caregiver be present with their preschooler during the live class** Before each class, you are provided with a simple materials list for that week’s lesson (e.g. a pencil, crayons, scissors, glue, etc.) You also are given access to printable handouts for you to print and have ready for the child to use during the lesson. Your child will have hands-on activities to do right in front of them as the teacher guides them through an engaging, content-based bilingual lesson. Like the basic membership, you also get access to a LIVE monthly Zoom call with us.


All lesson materials are completely bilingual, so even if you or your child are not bilingual (yet), you will still be able to use the simple lessons and you will be amazed at how quickly your child begins to pick up the second language.

We have purposely tried to keep the monthly cost as low as possible because we truly believe in the inherent value of bilingualism/biliteracy and desire for it to be as accessible as possible for all families (we have seen curricula priced upwards of $100!)  However, this in no way takes away from the quality of our product. You can rest assured that each lesson plan has been carefully planned and researched.

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Our Educational Approach:

LinguaLearner is based on peer-reviewed research in the areas of bilingualism, biliteracy, and second language learning, as well as our own experiences as parents of young children, researchers, and educators.  

LinguaLearner has two inter-related objectives for enhancing the early language learning of children: 

1. Children and parents/caregivers can be challenged to higher forms of learning through exploring a new language.  LinguaLearner involves children and parents/caregivers in exploring the world through the window of Spanish/English bilingualism and biliteracy.

2.  Interactions between children and parents/caregivers are of critical importance.  Parents/caregivers will be provided with tools and techniques that they can then expand upon in creative ways to further engagement with children. 

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Give your child the gift of a second language! 

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